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When it comes to achieving your goals, you need a partner that cares about providing you with the highest quality services available.  VoiceoverCity is that resource as we partner with you as you work towards your goals.  Whether you need verbal communication skills in the form of voiceover, improv, or public speaking, we can help.  If you want to improv you on-camera auditions or work on your overall acting skills, we can help.  If you want to develop your image through high-quality images to present yourself to potential directors, agents, or colleagues, we can help.

We know that having high quality service is important. We also know that you need connections with a network of people and opportunities to create opportunities for you to build on.  That’s why VoiceoverCity works with area agents, directors, and more to ensure your work has the best chance to get noticed.


Group Training

VoiceoverCity represents a community of people interested in using their voice to achieve their goals.  To build our community and provide the greatest number of opportunities for networking and engagement, we encourage talent at all levels to attend group training.  Not only is it exciting, it also provides a great opportunity to connect with others that are also working to improve themselves.


Custom Voiceover Demo

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Private Coaching

Group training is great, but you may decide you need some direct engagement and attention.  If that’s you, we offer private sessions with our highly experienced coaches.  Since the session is one-on-one, the investment is a bit higher, but it provides you with a level of personal attention you can’t get in a group session.  Give it a try.


Ongoing Training

Training is an ongoing part of being a success at anything.  Voiceover is no different.  If you want to be successful at it, you need to continually train and look for opportunities to learn and grow.  VoiceoverCity offers several opportunities to help you through our Improv training, Copy Workout Sessions, and Audition Workgroup.

Official Host of The VO Atlanta Conference

VoiceoverCity is proud to be the host organization of The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference. Check it out and join us there.

Getting Started

Introduction to Voiceover

This is intended to provide an overview of the voiceover industry by discussing what voiceover is, where it’s used, and what’s needed to get started.  Learn about VoiceoverCity’s training programs, current trends in voiceover, working with agents, unions, demos, financial possibilities/investments, what it takes to succeed, and more.  This is a time for you to discover what it takes to work in voiceover and what to expect.  Everyone leaves knowing more about voiceover.

Developing Voiceover Basics

If you’ve taken our Intro to Voiceover training, this session is your next step.  Whether you’re a novice or consider yourself professional, mastering the basics is key to success in the voiceover business. This workshop is highly-interactive and individualized to meet your individual needs and goals.  Get started with the ‘acting’ in ‘voice-acting’ and try out effective voice exercises while understanding proper pitch and breathing.


Script Analysis

Discover key script secrets every successful actor / voice actor must know.  When approaching copy, it’s essential to be able to “read between the lines.” There are important clues in each and every script that will give you stronger direction, and improve your read every time.  Discover how to approach a script, recognize its important parts, and effectively mark your copy.


Working Pro


Custom Voiceover Demo

Looking for a new custom professional demo, or simply wanting to refresh the one you have, we can help.  VoiceoverCity has an demo producer that’s capable of working with you from start to finish.  Commercial, narration, imaging, and more, we can help.  Unlike a demo-mill, everyone receiving demo services from VoiceoverCity are required to be screened to make sure you’re ready to do the work.  After all, we have a reputation to protect.

Your Studio Away from Home

VoiceoverCity is pleased to offer you a studio away from home.  With multiple recording spaces and a professional engineer available to make sure you focus on your work, VoiceoverCity is here for you.  From recording to sending your file to the client, you can do it all at VoiceoverCity.  So, don’t worry.  We’re here for you.

Professional Workout Group

Let’s be honest.  You’re a working voice talent and your time is valuable.  At the same time, you understand the value and need to connect with other talent while continuing to hone your skills.  VoiceoverCity is happy to provide a working-talent workout group where you can be assured the others in your group are truly serious about the work.  To join this group, you MUST have a functioning voiceover website and at least one fully produced custom voiceover demo.

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