Getting Started with Voiceover

Get Ready, Get Set, Let's Go....

Introduction to Voiceover

This is intended to provide and overview of the voiceover industry by discussing what voiceover is, where it’s used, and what’s needed to get started.

      • Have you been thinking about getting started in voice-over?
      • Have you been told you have a “Nice Voice”?
      • Are you an actor, broadcaster, or vocalist looking to expand your horizons?
      • Are you wanting to look into opportunities to create some additional income?

Join us as we provide you an overview of the voice-over industry. Learn about VoiceoverCity’s training programs, current trends in voiceover, working with agents, unions, demos, financial possibilities/investments, what it takes to succeed, and more.

Everyone in class will have an opportunity to read copy aloud and receive feedback from the presenter.

Learn how to create a solid (Performance), understand the (Profession), connect and network with (People), and understand the (Products and Technology) that bring it all together. We call this our Four-P’s.

From here, you can attend our Getting Started program to prepare you for working in the industry. We also offer specialty classes and workshops to help you move on to future specialty areas and advanced level classes/workshops.


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Developing VO Basics

If you’re taking our Intro to Voiceover training, this session is your next step.

Whether you’re a novice or consider yourself professional, mastering the basics is key to success in the voiceover business. This workshop is highly-interactive and individualized to meet your individual needs and goals.

  • Approaching copy
  • Putting the acting in voice-acting
  • Essential voice and body exercises
  • Proper pitch and breathing
  • Common mistakes to avoid

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Script and Copy Analysis

Discover key script secrets every successful actor / voice actor must know.  When approaching copy, it’s essential to be able to “read between the lines.” There are important clues in each and every script that will give you stronger direction, and improve your read every time.  In this workshop, you will learn:


  • The 7 key questions you must ask before approaching any script
  • Recognizing the 5 most important parts of script
  • The best ways to understanding the Writer / Producer Message
  • Sure-fire techniques for effective script marking
  • 5 Power tips for identifying major copy clues


*Note:  Minimum Requirement:  “Intro to Voiceover” and “Developing V/O Basics.”  Or, with Instructor approval.


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