Home Studio Essentials Training

If you want to record at home, you need this training

Home Studio Essentials

Home Studio Essentials at VoiceoverCity is unlike any other home studio training available.  During this session, you will be fully engaged as you actually work through the process of setting up to record, configuring your recording environment, recording your session, and editing your recording for delivery.

If you’re tired of trying to ‘figure it out’ own your own, this is the workshop for you.

1. Understanding of tools needed to produce professional recordings at home.

  • a. Selecting the proper microphone
  • b. Selecting a digital interface
  • c. Selecting proper cabling
  • d. Choosing a recording application
  • e. Deciding on a budget and how to get your equipment
  • f. Basics of room acoustics

2. Recording a session

  • a. Microphone placement for optimal recording
  • b. Configuring recording application and setting levels
  • c. Addressing noise issues BEFORE recording to avoid ‘fixing’ it later.
  • Avoiding noise in the booth (clothing, HVAC, etc)

3. Editing recordings

  • a. Correcting any mistakes
  • b. Patching together recorded segments to produce one file
  • c. Adjusting breathes, clicks, pops, etc…
  • d. Saving the files for delivery
  • e. Sending the files to the client or submitting them for consideration


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