AV Equipment Rental

Living outside the perimeter doesn’t mean you can’t have access to professional AV equipment

Over the years, VoiceoverCity Media Services has built a collection of hi-quality AV resources that we’re now making available to you. From a projector/screen to a full sound system and mics, we have you covered. We’re in your community, so it’s easy to save time and energy by not having to drive into the city just to pick up or drop off your equipment. We’re also happy to work with you in order to deliver and set things up.

Audio Equipment

Power your project or event with professional audio gear when you rent from us. We can even help with setup of your gear to make it right.

Video Equipment

From Projectors to video cameras, we have various video items to support your needs.

Accessories and Support

We’re here to help you get things done, so check out our list of accessories and items to help you get the job done.
How does the process work?
We try to make the process of renting as simple.¬†Here’s how it works.

You find the gear you need on our site, and place your order by clicking on the checkout or cart links.

You may either pick up your order at one of our locations or we can arrange delivery to you for an additional fee.

Can I extend my rental?
If you wish to extend your rental contact us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, we may be unable to extend it if someone is already in line for the equipment.
Do you charge a deposit?
We do not require a deposit for most of our orders, we only charge you for the days you select to rent the equipment and no additional holds are placed on your credit card. In some rare cases, a deposit may be needed to meet the requirements of our own insurance company.
Do you offer insurance?
We offer optional damage insurance on most of our equipment. If a piece of equipment is damaged while you have it, you would normally be responsible for all repair costs associated with the damage. If you get insurance, you are only responsible for a maximum of 10% of the current retail value of the equipment.

For example, if a $1,000 lens is damaged, and the repair costs are $400, without the optional insurance you are responsible for the $400, but if you get the insurance you are only responsible for $100 (10% of the cost of the lens).

Please Note:¬† VMS Equipment Rentals are focused on the local market which means we don’t provide a lot of options for shipping items. We offer pickup, delivery, and setup options to meet your needs.

This allows us to maintain more inventory for our local clients.

Local Focus

Save time and money when you’re able to pick up items local or have them delivered and setup for you.