Webcasting and LIVE Streaming enables you to extend your reach.

Using webcasting and live streaming services enable you to reach a greater audience like never before.  The process of capturing video has been around for years but it’s always involved recording, processing, and sharing that content at a later time. In today’s society, people want and expect to connect with what’s happening in real-time, not weeks later.

Use Webcasting for your benefit.

Let us work with you to grow your audience, extend your brand, and help you build stronger connections with the people that matter.

Simply Need Some Help Setting up Your Own?

Thanks to our experience producing webcast and live-event coverage, we’re also able to assist you with setting up your own webcast. We have A/V rental options to assist you with having the right lighting, cameras, projectors, and more.


Extend Your Reach

Reach out to your audience in real-time via webcasting and let them be part of the action. They only need to connect to the internet and be immersed in your experience.

Technology Services

We provide reliable internet access for your live event. We plan with redundancy in mind based on your needs. We’re able to feed your stream to YouTube, Facebook, and your dedicated webpage.

PPV Options to Generate Revenue

Let us work with you to provide options that generate revenue, or donations, from those unable to attend in person. LIVE Streaming lets others support your event remotely through webcasting.

Momentum Church Webcast for Easter Service 2018

We had the opportunity to work with Momentum Church here in Woodstock to help get their Easter message out to the world.

This program was webcast LIVE to their website, Facebook, and YouTube channels. We used multiple cameras to capture the experience and share it with the world.

The Venue is the new Amphitheater in Woodstock, GA.

1 Million Cups Bi-Weekly Webcast

We team up every two weeks to webcasting the 1MC Cherokee sessions to the world.

Founded by Ewing Marion Kauffman, the Foundation is driven to provide uncommon ways to create opportunities and connect people to the tools they need to achieve success, change their futures and give back to their communities. We believe that if you have an idea, you have a fundamental right to start a business to make it a reality.

Our webcasting and LIVE production services focus on making you look great.

Learn more about 1 Million Cups here.

Webcast of GMSAA 2018 Championship Game

If you’re tired of bland sports coverage and want your games to look more like the effort you put into them, you want to work with VMS Sports to have us webcasting your sporting event to the masses. Options include things like Instant-Replay, Multi-Cam, Graphics, and more.

Webcasting and Live-Streaming Questionaire

Please take a moment to provide us information about our upcoming event. We will contact you about your needs and discuss ways to make your event a huge success.

The more detailed the information, the better, so feel free to share as much as possible about what you might like live-streaming to do for your event.

Reach More People

When you webcast your live event you provide a way for people all around to share in your special event. This is especially helpful for those living far away from the event’s location.

Extend Your Brand

Nothing connects your brand with more people than webcasting your event LIVE! Do people really want to wait before they can experience your event?

Raise Funds

Talk to us about ways to generate revenue through webcasting your live events. We’re able to setup Pay-Per-View options that generate sales based on viewing content. It works.

What to live stream?

  • Sporting Events
  • Religious Events
  • Educational Happenings
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • Conferences
  • Fashion Shows
  • Festivals
  • Business Launches